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five_foot_seven's Journal

five_foot_seven - now troll free!
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5'7" and starving
This is a community for the eating disordered. We respect recovery, but do not necessarily feel ready for it. If you can't deal with this, don't join. You've been warned.


- all of the following must be posted behind a cut:
- extreme triggers (si or ed)
- pictures of any sort
- really long posts
- food lists
- anything that's cross-posted.

- don't use terms like "ana" or "mia" and use proper spelling and grammer. These are pet peeves and I'll ban you just for annoying me when I'm bitchy and malnourished.

- people ask for tips. We've all been there. Don't bitch at anyone for it. If you don't think it's okay to give tips, then just don't provide the info.

- When you join, give us the basics provided here. And place them under a cut. You have one week to do so or you'll be removed from the community. (You may re-apply if you failed to meet the deadline.)







info about your disorder:

info about you as a person:

Picture: (this is not an option. I don't want to deal with trolls or posers. It may suck to post it, but just do it anyhow and we'll all be happier. Bonus points for body shots.)

Breaking the rules gets you banned. I'll likely not bother to warn you.